Roseta Mauri

Rules 2022 Edition

The Fundació Teatre Fortuny, of Reus (Spain), organises the International Competition of Dance Roseta Mauri, which will take place on 23 – 25 March 2022, according to the following rules and procedure.


1—Dancers of any nationality, between the ages of 16 and 21 years old (born between 2006 – 2001), including those with birthdays in the year can participate

2—The contestants can’t have any professional contract during the Prize

3—Application forms must be completed according to the stipulated conditions and accompanied by a payment of 50 Euros. The deadline is on 27 February 2022. The fee will not be refunded under any condition.

4—The music recordings will be sent by email and in mp3 or waw format to info@ They must have a good sound quality without noise, nor cuts or links that affect the quality of the piece. The duration must not exceed 3 minutes. The organization might reject recordings that do not meet these requirements.

5—The International Dance Competition Roseta Mauri awards a 5.000€ first prize, a 2.000€ 2nd prize and a 1.000€ 3rd prize. Applicable taxes will be applied to all monetary prizes. The payment of the prizes will be made via bank transfer, to an account number that the contestant will give to the organisation beforehand. The organization might grant complementary scholarships consisting in short courses and other forms of recognition which are associated with the dance field, offered by dance organizations, companies or dance academies.

6—The jury will be integrated by significant dance personalities.

7—The contestants must come to the Teatre Fortuny in Reus on 23 March 2022 at 9:00 a.m. to collect their credentials.

8— Regarding the Covid-19, the evolution of the global current situation may potentially affect the organization of the Roseta Mauri International Dance Competition 2022. In due time we might ask contestants to present a proof of a negative Covid-19 test in order to participate. The required test might have to be an antigens or PCR test, depending on the current PROCICAT protocols.

9— Competition rounds will take place on stage. The dimensions of the stage of the Fortuny theatre are: 9.1m wide x 10m deep, 5% rake. The competition will have the general lighting of a theatre spotlight and with a blue toned cyclorama background.

10— In the phases of the competition which do not require a costume; girls will wear a black body leotard and flesh tone tights, whereas boys will wear white body leotards or shirts and black tights.

11—The organisers assume no responsibility for injuries incurred during the competition, and dancers are advised to obtain adequate personal insurance that will cover this contingency.


– Curriculum vitae
– 2 Passport photos
– Passport copy
– Variations

Entry: 50 euros

Payment via bank transfer to Fundació
Teatre Fortuny.
CaixaBank. ES31 2100 0010 33 0202053655
Accepted: day, month, year

Teatre Fortuny
Plaça Prim, 4. E-43201 Reus, Espanya
Tel. 0034 977 331 197 / 0034 977 010 657


All of the contestants should prepare and present two variations:

A. A variation of traditional repertoire with a maximum duration of 3 minutes is required and must be selected from the list of variations that follow below.
B. A free variation with a maximum duration of 3 minutes for boys and girls. The style of the free variation should be different from the classical variation and should allow
the dancer to show their ability to adapt to different and contemporary styles. The choreography must be unpublished. The jury will pay special attention to qualities such as interpretation and adaptation to style as well as the selected music

Female dancers will choose one of the following variations of the traditional repertoire:

Giselle, variation of Giselle, 1st act.
Raymonda, I variation, 1st act / II variation, 2nd act.
Sleeping Beauty, variation of Aurora, 3rd act / variation of the Lilac Fairy, Prologue.
Swan lake, I variation, pas de trois,1st act / II variation, pas de trois, 1st act.
Coppelia, variation of Swanilda, I variation 1st act 1º (vals) / pas de deux variation, 3rd act.
Flower Festival in Genzano, Pas de deux variation.
Le Corsaire, variation pas de deux.
La Bayadère, (The Kingdom of the Shades) variation I, II, III.
Napoli, I, II, III variation, 3rd act.
Paquita, I,II variation pas de trois 1st act.
Don Quixote, Cupid’s variation.

Male dancers will choose one of the following variations of the traditional repertoire:

Giselle, variation of prince Albrecht, 2nd act.
Sleeping Beauty, variation of prince Desire, 3rd act / variation of the blue bird.
Nutcracker, variation of the great pas de deux (tarantella).
Don Quixote, pas de deux Basilio variation, 3rd act.
Le corsaire, pas de deux Ali variation, 2n act.
Swan Lake, pas de deux variation (the Black Swan), 3rd act.
La Sylphide, variation 1st act, James (Lovenskjold-Bournonville) / variation 2nd act, James (Lovenskjold-Bournonville) / variation 1st act, James (ScheneitzhoefferLacotte) / variation 2nd act, James (Scheneitzhoeffer-Lacotte).
Napoli, III variation (Gennaro), 3rd act.
Diana and Acteon, variation of Actaeon.
Flower Festival in Genzano, variations I, II.
Flames of Paris, pas de deux variation (Vainonen)
Paquita, pas de trois variation, 1st act.
Copellia Franz’s, variation, 2nd act.

Order of participation

The order of participation will be established according to the number assigned to each contestant by the technical management. The finalists’ order of participation will be established by the aforementioned number

Competition procedure

1—Preliminary Round
On 23 March at 10.00 a.m. all of the contestants must take the classical dance class and a contemporary repertoire workshop. The official professors will eliminate those contestants who do not have the required technical level to continue competing.

2—Qualifying Rounds
On 24 March 2022 a classical dance class and a contemporary repertoire workshop will be held behind closed doors, neither teachers
nor family members of the contestants will be allowed to be present. At the end of each class, the judges will eliminate those contestants who did not obtain a sufficient score to go on to the next elimination phase. In the next qualifying round, the contestants must present their classical and free variations in the theatre wearing their performance clothes. At the end of this round, the jury will eliminate the contestants whose scores are not high enough to go through the next round. On the same day in the afternoon, all the dancers who have passed the semi-finals will perform their classical variation on the stage in the required competition clothing. This session is open to the public and will be held at the Fortuny theatre stage in Reus. At the end of this round, the jury will meet to deliberate the result and select the contestants who will pass to the final round. The result will be stated the same day.

The final round will be held on the same stage on Thursday 25 March 2022 and will be open to the general public. Finalists will take a class on the stage and finally dance their classical and contemporary variations in performance clothes. After an onstage dance performance, the jury will deliver the verdict. Afterwards, the awards will be announced. All the finalist participants or those with a special grant must attend the award ceremony.

Travel and maintenance expenses

Contestants will be responsible of their travel and accommodation expenses. Only semi-finalists (max.10) will get the amount 150 Euros as an allowance for the accommodation and travelling expenses.

Photographs films and visual and
audiovisual recordingds

Authorization from the organisers must be obtained for any recordings taken during the competition made with photographic equipment using film, video, audiovisual devices or any other system. Any recording will remain the exclusive property of the Fundació Teatre Fortuny in terms of its circulation, reproduction, distribution, projection, broadcasting and transmission. These recordings may be used for promotion or commercial purposes and could benefit a third party, with no restriction on the type of product that may be advertised. Participants permanently and irrevocably transfer this right to the Fundació with no restrictions on time or place. Only the Organizing Committee can arrange contracts with television stations or individuals. Contestants will not have the right to charge any fee for recordings made during the competition.

Right to make a claim

Only the Fundació Teatre Fortuny will have the right to make decisions about any changes stipulated in the competition rules.
The jury’s decision in the selection of contestants, eliminated contestants, the semi-final, the final and the awarding of prizes will be final and appeals will not be admitted. If there is any doubt over the interpretation of any of the Rules, only the Catalan version will be considered valid.