Roseta Mauri


Aleix Mañé and Sara Fernández, dancers with the CND, at the Gala



Aleix Mañé is the first former contestant of the Roseta Mauri International Dance Competion to be invited to dance at the Gala. Aleix is one of the first ediction’s finalists (November 2002) he won a scholarship that allowed him to continue his training in the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza in Madrid. In 2006 he joined the Compañía Nacional de Danza and in 2013 was promoted to soloist under the direction of José Carlos Martínez, current artistic director of the CND and former étoile with the Paris Opera Ballet.

At the gala Aleix Mañé is dancing with Sara Fernández, a dancer with the CND.

Jón Vallejo and Anna Merkulova at the Gala


Jon Vallejo-Merkurlova - Roseta Mauri

Jón Vallejo and Anna Merkulova, Dresden’s Semperoper Ballet first soloists, are one of the three couples of artists invited to take part at the Gala Roseta Mauri on March 14th in the Theatre Fortuny (Reus).

The Gala Roseta Mauri is dedicated to Spanish artists who have succeeded abroad. The show counts with outstanding artists and offers the opportunity to see great pieces of the classical, neoclassical and contemporary repertoire.